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The technology of thermal rolling expansion for large-scale bearing s forge pieces whose outer diameter is less than 6 500mm, osmosis-promoting technology by chem- cal heat treatment, and bearing s quenching technologies of Martensite and Bainite with synthermal immersion of salt.
Advanced lathes, grinds, super-precise production line of numerical control and such advanced technologies as combined grinding and one-off double raceway grinding with a product precision higher than grade P5.
Testing equipment like three coordinates measuring instrument, optical profiler, round ness instrument, etc, whose measurement accuracy is as precise as 2um. The type test of bearings with a maximal outer diameter less than 3. 3m can be done.
Mastery of bearing s high-end coating technology by physical vapor deposition and surface modification technologies like nitrogen treatment, vacuum vulcanization, etc whose application dealt with the problem of early fatigue brought about by rolling sur faces abrasion or burn due to the failure in formation of oil film when velocity is too high or load is too weight instantaneously.

Excellent Manufacturing, Digital Production Workshop to Create World-class Quality
Digital production plant area, 70,000 square meters, 15 production workshops, more than 1300 production equipment, nearly 300 major key equipment.
Processing capacity: more than 30,000 models, annual production capacity of more than 2 million sets of bearings.
Product Accuracy: Product Accuracy has passed the P5 level.
Application fields: covering ten types, military industry, wind power, gold treatment, heavy mining, cement, motor, elevator and other fields.

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